10 januari 2018
Geplaatst door TeamSchoemakerPlantage

We have Zero On The Meter homes for sale in Schoemaker Plantage. In 2018 we are hoping to sell and/or rent exclusively zero energy apartments.


The comfortable luxury apartments are situated in the centre of Delft. They are extremely sustainable: producing an energy bill of €0 (zero energy) with normal usage. Making them not only good for the environment, but also a smart investment. Has this piqued your interest? Read on and leave your email address to stay up-to-date. 

Outside space with a beautiful view

We are researching in what quantities and price classes we can offer these zero energy apartments. We are thinking about the following different floorplans and price classes: 

- 40 m2 (2 rooms) to buy from € 160.000,- VON* or to rent from € 560,- per month
- 80 m2 (3 rooms) to buy from € 320.000,- VON* or to rent from € 1.040,- per month
- 120 m2 (4 rooms) to buy from € 480.000,- VON* or to rent from € 1.560,- per month
- 160 m2 (4 spacious rooms - 5 rooms possible) to buy from € 640.000,- VON* or to rent from € 2.080,- per month

Each apartment has its own balcony or terrace. With the larger apartments there is a minimum outside space of 9m2. That is a large outside space to enjoy with a spectacular view. Can you already see yourself dining outside with a great view of the city?

Is your preference to buy or to rent? Large or smaller? 

Smart, sustainable and comfortable luxury 

The zero energy apartments in Schoemaker Plantage are furnished with the latest energy saving materials and innovative techniques to make your house more sustainable and comfortable. Think of solar panels on the facade, excellent insulation, automatically controlled ventilation and underfloor heating and cooling. Cosy and warm in the winter and pleasantly cool in the summer. The apartments also have an extremely luxurious finish which, where possible, has also been made from sustainable materials. The apartments stimulate a conscious and sustainable lifestyle and are a smart investment in a gas-free future. 

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The newest district in Delft

Schoemaker Plantage is the newest district in Delft, just 10 minutes biking distance from the centre. Multiple smaller neighbourhoods form, together with the hotspots and the park, the Schoemaker Plantage. Here you’ll find the architecture and liveliness of the city, but also the quiet and space of a park. Ideal! 

We’ll let you know first! 

At the moment we are busy developing these apartments. Are you curious? Then we advise you to leave your email address here. You’ll then be the first to be updated on news about the apartments. And in addition, the opportunity to register your wishes. We will only send you actual news! 

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